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Extending Development Teams


We introduce highly trained developers, PMs, and designers to the projects in business and entertainment.

Outstaffing is the next level of outsourcing.

If your project calls for a versatile numerous collective for a prolonged period of time with no legal hustle, you can hire our outstaffing or outsourcing development team.

Remote development team

  • F
    Fits into your brand’s policy and schedule
  • T
    Takes care of all the aspects of production
  • W
    Warrants every single file and idea to you



Days or less to pack your team






Day to disband the team with no trouble




Members if needed, all roles




Fixing budget, Fixing date, Flexing resource


The process

  • Head hunting

    Among thousands of software developers for hire, we look for the ones who fit the client’s culture, ethics, and mindset. Technical skills are a prerequisite.
  • Installation

    We are committed to becoming an offshore development center that’s why we invest in our facilities.
  • Integration

    We know how to build a software development team, and how to effectively run it for years. We require minimal input from the client’s side to integrate the team into their business.
  • Production

    Hiring an outstaffing team is more expensive than hiring a web developer. However, the quality of the extended development team end product is incomparable to that of a contractor’s work.
  • Endorsement

    Since there is no such thing as a done project, after the launch we commit the team or a part of it to maintaining the product, delivering updates, and making sure it doesn’t ever fail.



Up to 3 dedicated engineers to perform startup and small business tasks.




Mid Size Extension
4 to 10 employees of different specialties to handle the middle niche company goals.




Enterprise Package
10+ full-stack developers, designers, Q&A engineers and project managers for greater firms.


Our extended team gives you

Constant and clear reports of hours and output

Whether you decide to track the time or evaluate the results, the team will adapt.

Autonomy and anonymity

Your home team will do their thing while we will do ours. We can work together or autonomously depending on your needs.

No fluctuations

We don’t make revolving doors. It’s hard to get into a team but once you’re in, you’re in. We vouch for our people.

Full social compliance

Hiring an offshore software development team is a risky business because of cultural differences. We comply with our clients’ social policies and follow them inviolately.

No fluctuations

We don’t make revolving doors. It’s hard to get into a team but once you’re in, you’re in. We vouch for our people.

Common success, common responsibility

An extended team is responsible for the entire project’s success, not a patch of it.

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