Branding and identity design

We create branding for the companies that want to express, not impress. A brand is not a product, it’s a customer’s gut feeling about the product. For us at Shakuro creative agency, designing a brand is building a journey from awareness to long-term commitment.

A powerful brand

Branding is one of the most meaningful parts of the design. It renders a company’s personality, culture, and core values in a way that is understood by everyone. At the same time, a brand is a business asset and it exists to solve a problem — to increase sales. A powerful brand is a simple visual image of a complicated concept.


 Our branding services


  • Brand strategy

    Establishing a new brand is a complex venture that requires multiple angles of approach, as opposed to simply designing it. We create an all-encompassing strategy of brand development that inspires users to explore. We build your company image — the foundation of your brand.

  • Logo and identity system design
    Logo design does not equal branding. A logo is a tool for reaching brand recognition. We rely on thorough research followed by religious iteration to give your brand its exact, versatile, and beautiful image with the help of logo design that’s a perfect match for your business.

  • Name, voice, and messaging
    A visual identity part of the brand is a shell. To trust a company, people need to bond with its values and attitudes towards life. We believe in personalities behind a brand and work closely with you to develop a truthful and meaningful verbal identity for your company.

  • Comprehensive brand style guides
    The branding we create belongs fully and unequivocally to a client. That means we provide our branding services to empower their company with strong visual and unspoken identities. We pack them into comprehensive guidelines for you to use on your own but with an agency level of curation.

  • Brand applications

    Brand applications

  • Branding process


    We start off with extensive research of your business, the big WHY behind the brand, its core values, and company culture. These things help us take the temperature of the company and the problems it is trying to solve. As visual support at this stage, we


    First sketches are created fast, on the heels of Discovery. They help us narrow down the directions and continue brand exploration on a deeper level.


    When the raw identity system takes shape and gets confirmed, we take it for a ride to test out its flexibility and fitness to acceptance criteria. This requires several refinements and results in a set of tangible brand assets.

    Brand book

    Visual simplicity comes at a price of solid groundwork. The previous stages deal with creativity, ideation, and metaphors. This stage is pure engineering. We produce professionally-constructed logical non-casual brand books explaining the

    Branding and identity design case studies




    New York development team mascot.




    Indian tech startup identity system.


    Lonely Walls

    Fine art marketplace and networking platform branding.

    Think Tank

    The Think Tank is where we showcase our creative work. These are not just app templates. All projects are authentic, implementable, and one step away from becoming startups.

    Have an idea? We can help.