We are Funding Great Web & Mobile Startups!

As a development agency, we’ve been involved with over a hundred startups in web and mobile application sphere. Some we are proud to have been a part of, some were just fun to work with, others failed epicly.
Our 10-year experience gave us an eye for auspicious projects, bright ideas, and talented people. We believe that dreams should not fade before money issues and good beginnings deserve a shot.
That’s why we are running an investment program. This is our specific subsidization plan where we partner up with startups that inspire us and develop their idea into a solid project free of charge if they fit into the span of our business and enlighten us.
This is a technical investment which means we provide web and mobile app design and development, testing, and further support at a joint venture model.

Think Tank         80% off

The Think Tank is where we showcase our creative work. These are not just app templates. All projects are authentic, implementable, and one step away from becoming startups.

Have an idea? We can help.