Ruby on Rails Development

We deliver custom software solutions for web and mobile platforms as well as our
expertise in agile Ruby on Rails development.

Our Ruby on Rails development services

Building software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments requires utilization of a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language. All these feature in C# – a high-level, relatively simple but durable, and type-safe programming language run by Microsoft. .NET is a framework for C#. Despite being 20 years old, C# .NET tools are powerful for modern-day development of games, AR applications, IoT, machine learning, and cloud services.
.NET is a solid, free, open-source software development platform capable of speeding up the development process of the C# web and desktop apps.

What’s good about C# .NET

Custom Ruby on Rails development

The core of our operation is providing complete and effective solutions built on the foundation of perfect code. With 5 years of RoR development experience, we leverage technical quality and visual appeal.

Ruby on Rails code maintenance

Our Ruby on Rails development company offers complete and thorough maintenance of your Ruby on Rails website on a daily basis. This includes code optimization, scalability, and performance improvements.

Ruby on Rails migration

With the help of our Ruby on Rails development services, we can upgrade your old PHP (ASP, etc.) website by migrating it to Ruby on Rails and turning it into a modern application built on a powerful framework.

Ruby on Rails code review

With over 30 web products implemented on Ruby on Rails, our experienced developers can analyze your website code and provide an honest review with performance and security enhancement recommendations.




In business for over a decade, Shakuro Ruby on Rails development company has gained extensive knowledge and field-tested experience in not only building websites but also maintaining them continuously. Support helps ensure that your project is as relevant and interesting to users as immediately after launching.

Team Work

With Ruby on Rails being just one of many tools we use, web development is just one of our departments. The in-house team consists of our own UI/UX designers, UI developers, QA engineers, and product managers. Our team of developers is packed with professionals and capable of executing the widest range of projects.

Innovative Approach

We utilize the Ruby on Rails advantages to building flexible, functional and fast web solutions in conjunction with a ton of different acceleration, testing, deployment, and monitoring tools. Our innovative approach uses RoR advantages and involves finding creative and unique ways to improve the elements and engage the audience.

Why Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, interpretable, high-level programming language for fast and convenient
object-oriented programming. Rails is a framework for Ruby that allows developers to structure the
code and create websites of any complexity.


Ruby language is clear, simple, and logical, and has a leaner code-base (fewer lines of redundant code) resulting in accelerated development speed.

More cost-effective

Because of the speed with which Rails sites can be built and modified, you spend less money to create and maintain the website.


Rails framework is very flexible and allows to adapt websites to various updates related to the innovations in the business processes.

Tools we use with RoR



  Webpack            AngularJS             ReactJS             EmberJS               


  Sidekiq             Capistrano           Ansible            Vagrant               Docker


                                                                                                                                                                                                                MongoDB               MySQL                  MySQL                     Redis

Looking for a Ruby on Rails developer?

Engagement models

One size definitely does not fit all. We offer our specific approaches to
web development depending on the type of business you are running.


With our Enterprise engagement model, we provide web solutions for big data transactions, complex architecture, and distributed systems. We can also implement integration with CRM software and e-commerce solutions. As the Ruby on Rails framework keeps evolving, today it is capable of effectively handling large business needs in web production.

Middle-Market Business

With our use of proven and trusted technologies along with the flexibility that Ruby on Rails web development brings, we ensure that all your business objectives and required scalability changes are done properly.


With limited time and finance, it’s important that Minimal Viable Product is delivered with the best representation of opportunities. Our Ruby on Rails development team is capable of quick and efficient web production at a reduced cost just enough to get you going.

UI/UX design

We believe in a versatile approach to web development, therefore we have a team of UI/UX designers and UI developers who produce modern, interactive, and beautiful user interfaces and experience. With our every project we drive towards building reliable and cohesive web applications backed by the flexible Ruby on Rails potential.

Designed and developed a virtual classroom platform




Designed and developed an art education platform



What are the assets of hiring our Ruby on Rails development team



Expertise in Ruby on Rails and other frameworks




Use of the latest software development tools




Commitment to the principles of agile development




Clear communication on your terms and your selected channels


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