IT Support and Maintenance

Most problems end up costing more to solve than to prevent them. We offer professional management of virtual IT infrastructure and DevOps project support to ensure the correct flow of your business processes.

Our IT support and maintenance services

We provide cloud server support and maintenance, vital for the correct
performance of your custom software.


Key features and services:

Infrastructure development and setup based on AWS, GCP, and Azure

DevOps practices using the CI/CD method to deliver features fast

Setup of fault-tolerant and auto-scaling infrastructure ready to operate at any scale

System security tests and policies

Android app development

Backups/restore approach and disaster recovery plan

Application reliability and safety

Maintenance and evolution

We offer support for our customers at all stages of your project — from development to production and high load.

Who needs IT support and why it matters for businesses

Firms of any size enjoy the speed and the ability to work at a higher level of efficiency that outsourced IT support gives. It’s a very popular service that provides a sufficient level of quality IT business support while allowing you to stay within budget.
The DevOps approach using the CI/CD practices allows developers to focus on features and deliver them fast and safely.
Our System Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices include 24/7 monitoring and emergency event responses to help you avoid unanticipated downtime, lost data, and loss of profits.


Other advantages:

Reduced development costs

Reduced support costs

Specialized field of expertise

Results guaranteed by the contract

Business-related approach

Technologies we use

  Amazon Web
   Services           Google Cloud           Ansible            Azure             Jenkins
  Sidekiq             Capistrano           Ansible            Vagrant               Docker
  Sidekiq             Capistrano           Ansible            Vagrant               Docker

Why choose our outsourced server maintenance solutions

We offer support and maintenance of cloud infrastructure having only one aim in mind — the smooth operation of your business environment and all the related processes. Our DevOps engineers and other technical specialists follow modern IT standards and policies.


What you’ll get if you turn to us:

The dedicated project team and technical lead for project management

Regular status calls with the team and ad-hoc chats to solve critical tasks and problems

Informational support on applied architectural solutions

Implementation of the most successful DevOps practices

Our support lets you focus on business development and keep your customers happy with fast and services that are always available.


Want to discuss the details?

You can make use of any number of services. Choose one that’s going to enhance your business and you can order others later at any moment (or we can consult you on your options).
Leave a request below and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible to provide further details.

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