Сreated a new look and an app for a VIP membership club

Built a bespoke crowd-promotion service

Designed and developed a virtual classroom platform

Designed and developed automated retail software

Helping businesses achieve goals. Solving people’s problems.

Functional aesthetics

 Our mission is to help companies create strong bonds with their customers using our expertise in design and development.

We help brands defy by producing web and mobile solutions that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective in fulfilling their purposes: to grow your business, to appeal to a specific audience, to get funded.

Mobile application design

& implementation

User interface & experience


Branding & identity system


Startup consultancy

& development

We help our clients take their next step

Solid Ruby on Rails application production


We are capable of creating expandable applications by utilizing the best features of the Rails framework. Whether we’re creating a solid back end for a web app or a custom CMS, our Ruby on Rails team will craft a quality solution to achieve your business goals.

Custom C#.NET development service

Our experience in building software for distributed environments brought us to the utilization of C# as a general-purpose, object-oriented, and portable programming language, and .NET is a solid framework capable of speeding up the development process.

Your project will be in good company


User experience design often
boils down to creating products that
are usable.

But being focused on the How without understanding the Why and What of product use will put you at risk of building a product people don’t need. User-centered design isn’t just a pair of buzzwords. It’s an approach that increases your chances to make a great product.